Friday, August 15, 2008


Abu walks to school every morning .

On one particular morning as he was on his way to school , he suddenly saw Ah Lee Tailor sop on fire .

As it was still early he could see no one else around . there seemed to be no one inside the burning
shop either .

Quickly Abu ran to a telephone booth nearby and dialled for the fire brigade . He briefly told them the
location of the burning shop .

Soon a fire - engine arrived with its siren wailing . It stopped in front of the shop and firemen quickly
went about their task of putting out the fire .

The fire had burnt part of the shop's first floor and it was left black and charred .

After seeing that there was no more danger the firemen left .

Ah Lee , the owner of the tailor shop was glad that Abu saw the fire and informed the fire brigade .
He shooked Ali's hand and expressed his thanks .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crossing The Busy Road

Rahman wanted to cross a busy road while he was on his way to school.He wanted to walk directly across.It was not a very safe thing to do but he insisted.

When the road seemed clear,he stepped onto it and began to walk across.Suddenly a huge lorry appeared and the driver sounded his horn impatiently.Rahman was shocked and he hurriedly stepped back onto the pavement as the lorry roared by.What a rude and inconsiderate lorry driver that was.Fortunately he was not knocked down.

Just then a smartly dressed man came by.He pointed towards an overhead pedestrian bridge nearby and invited Rahman to use it to cross the road.

Together they walked onto the bridge and crossed the busy street safely.Below the bridge the traffic flashed by.

On the other side of the road,Rahman descended the stairs of the bridge.He was glad that the pedestrian bridge was there to enable pedestrians like him to
cross safely.Never again would he try to cross a busy road the dangerous direct way.It was better to be safe than sorry.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ah chong was riding his bicycle very quickly one day .

After a while he became very reckless and released his hands from the handlebars . He wanted to see how
good he was riding without hands .

Without his hands controlling the bicycle he could not avoid travelling right onto a large rock that was
in the middle of the road . As a result both he and the bicycle were sent somersaulting into the air .

On crashing to the ground , Ah Chong hurt his hands badly . His knee was cut and bleeding . He cried
out of pain .

Fortunately a passerby saw the accident and called an ambulance .

The ambulance took Ah Chong to hospital where his arm was put in plaster cast and his knee bandaged .

His parents came to visit him . Ah Chong told them how stupid and reckless he had been and that he would
never do such a thing again .

Friday, August 8, 2008


I live in a modern estate. My family and i occupy one of the many single-storey terrace houses here. Thus we have neighbours all around us.
They are neighbours from various races. I have had the opportunity of foisting some of the neighbours and i see that they are different in many aspects. They have different religions, customs, beliefs, food, music, likes and dislikes,cloths and so on. However,they have one thing common, that is, they just want to live their own way as best as they can.
Generally, we got along reasonably well. However, in living their own way, some neighbours tend to cause disturbance and inconvenience to others. for example, some play their music Tod loud, one or two keep fierce fogs that bite people or some of them simply park their cars and cause obstruction to others, These are the inconsiderate neighbours.
on the other hand there are neighbours who bring things to eat during festivals. Some people help others in time of need and some just drop by to chat a bit and be friendly.
Neighbours are here to stay whether they are food or bad to us. We have to live and let live..........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing With Fire

It was during the Hari Raya Season that Halim and Samy got hold of some firecrackers.
Halim suggested that they make a huge firecracker so that they can get a super loud bang.Samy agreed.

Halim fetched some newspaper while samy removed the gunpowder from the firecrackers.

When Samy had removed enough gunpowder,Halim poured the powder into the tube that made out of the
newspaper.It was going to be a giant firecracker indeed!

Next Halim began pounding on the gunpowder in the paper tube to make it more compact.What he did not
realise was that the gunpowder was very unstable and could ignite easily.Pounding on the powder could very well do it.

And it did!

The gunpowder ignited with an almighty blast,taking off one Halim's fingers and burning the two friends in many places.

In the hospital all they could do were to regret their stupid actions.They were fortunate that their injuries were not worse.They could have been killed.