Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ah chong was riding his bicycle very quickly one day .

After a while he became very reckless and released his hands from the handlebars . He wanted to see how
good he was riding without hands .

Without his hands controlling the bicycle he could not avoid travelling right onto a large rock that was
in the middle of the road . As a result both he and the bicycle were sent somersaulting into the air .

On crashing to the ground , Ah Chong hurt his hands badly . His knee was cut and bleeding . He cried
out of pain .

Fortunately a passerby saw the accident and called an ambulance .

The ambulance took Ah Chong to hospital where his arm was put in plaster cast and his knee bandaged .

His parents came to visit him . Ah Chong told them how stupid and reckless he had been and that he would
never do such a thing again .

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