Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing With Fire

It was during the Hari Raya Season that Halim and Samy got hold of some firecrackers.
Halim suggested that they make a huge firecracker so that they can get a super loud bang.Samy agreed.

Halim fetched some newspaper while samy removed the gunpowder from the firecrackers.

When Samy had removed enough gunpowder,Halim poured the powder into the tube that made out of the
newspaper.It was going to be a giant firecracker indeed!

Next Halim began pounding on the gunpowder in the paper tube to make it more compact.What he did not
realise was that the gunpowder was very unstable and could ignite easily.Pounding on the powder could very well do it.

And it did!

The gunpowder ignited with an almighty blast,taking off one Halim's fingers and burning the two friends in many places.

In the hospital all they could do were to regret their stupid actions.They were fortunate that their injuries were not worse.They could have been killed.

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