Friday, August 1, 2008

Rescued From The Flood

The rain beat down heavily on the house and the surrounding area.

After a few hours of heavy rain , there were a few inches of water on the ground.

The rain kept on pouring and the water level kept on rising.Soon it was no longer safe to remain in the
house for the water level had risen up too high. The occupants of the house, a women and her son,had
to take refuge on the roof of their house. They used a plastic sheet to shelter themselves from the
pouring rain.

Still the rain poured and the water level continued to rise . Even the roof was beginning to be unsafe.

Luckily,the local Rescue squad was out looking for people trapped by the flood. One of their boats was
passing by the house when the rescuer saw the woman and child in distress. the two of them waved happily
at the boat.

Soon mother and son were on their way to safety.They were thankful to be rescued.

At the flood relief centre , they were provided with hot drinks,dry clothes and a place to sleep while
they waited for the rain to stop and the flood to subside.

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