Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crossing The Busy Road

Rahman wanted to cross a busy road while he was on his way to school.He wanted to walk directly across.It was not a very safe thing to do but he insisted.

When the road seemed clear,he stepped onto it and began to walk across.Suddenly a huge lorry appeared and the driver sounded his horn impatiently.Rahman was shocked and he hurriedly stepped back onto the pavement as the lorry roared by.What a rude and inconsiderate lorry driver that was.Fortunately he was not knocked down.

Just then a smartly dressed man came by.He pointed towards an overhead pedestrian bridge nearby and invited Rahman to use it to cross the road.

Together they walked onto the bridge and crossed the busy street safely.Below the bridge the traffic flashed by.

On the other side of the road,Rahman descended the stairs of the bridge.He was glad that the pedestrian bridge was there to enable pedestrians like him to
cross safely.Never again would he try to cross a busy road the dangerous direct way.It was better to be safe than sorry.

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