Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hard Drives

Many hard drives are coming into the market. I was searching for the specifications of hard drives i got more information about the brands.

Some of them are here for you to view :

(1)Western Digital 6GB passport pocket Hard drive
(2)Lacie Design by F.A.porsche 40GB
(3)Seagate Push button backup 160GB

(1)Western Digital 6GB Passport Pocket Hard Drive is having of 6GB , 5400 rpm and its weight is of 278 gm.This drive has a USB connector that can swivel 180 degrees for easy processing.

(2)Lacie Design by F.A.Porsche 40 GB is having the specifications of 40 GB , 5400 rpm , and its weight is 180 gm. When your USB port is incapable of providing adequate power to the drive this the separate power connector is use full.

(3)Seagate Push button Backup 160GB is having the specification 160 GB , 7200 rpm and its
weight is 1.176 kg.The data backup is used in this drive and its very efficient of all drives.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Cellphone is the most important communication in this fast moving world. Many companies are generating cell phones in the world .

Those companies are :
Sony Ericsson
Sam sung

Many companies like this are into the market daily. Last week in the market i had seen the a new nokia model named NOKIA 6131. The NOKIA 6131 is a clamshell phone with refreshing new looks.

This phone consists of

(1)256K colours
(2)1.3 MP camera
(3)Good quality speakers
(4)Internal 10MB of memory
(5)External can be extended up to 2GB.
(6)Blue tooth
(7)GP RS
(9)FM radio

The price of this cell phone is about Rs.14,000

Graphics Card

Which industry in producing PC hardware grows fastest in the world? Its the Graphics Card industry. Since 2001 Pentium 4 CPU have been used and only by now we have been replaced b the core 2 duo series. There is a quick change in the graphics processing unit. I got the reason for this fast turnover. Its because of the game developers. Because the game players are always going for the best 3D games. The most demanding application is the game applications. The card based on the graphics processors represent the high flyer's. And the fact is that the graphics card is also more expensive. The architecture of these cards is very complected and designed with the knowledge of playing all 3D games. There are many types of graphics card available.For a low end card he graphics design is not formed in a full automotive manner. Where as in the high end card the graphics is in the high state with more settings.

Different brand in graphics card are :

(1) Asus

(2) Forsa

(3) Gainward

(4) Gigabyte
(5) MSI
(6) Zebronics

Friday, July 25, 2008

Online Pharmacy

safe and security is the most important quality for viamedic . Viamedic medicines can be bought by the online pharmacy. It provides security for personal information .

Advantages of viamedic :

(1) Friendly customer service

(2) low price

(3) understanding customer needs and supports them

(4) Wide selection of medicines

(5) Online shopping gives highest degree of confidence for all customers

(6) proprietary software with complex series in the administrative system is maintained

(7) 1-5 days is the normal delivery of medicines for all our customers

(8) Best quality of medicines are provided for all the customers

(9) licensed physicians and pharmacists are used for viamedic services


Online pharmacy provides full strength for all the customers . Viamedic online pharmacy asks for valid age and valid address for providing the right prescription. IDology’s ExpectID service provides protection for the customers identity.

Medical history will be maintained by viamedic pharmacists , which will be helpful for both the customers and viamedic pharmacists in many ways. Quality of the life is improved by viamedic.

Security is maintained at the top level. where as the medical information of all the customers who comes in for viamedic is viewed only by qualified physicians.

Viamedic deals with following :

(1) Men's health - viagra , cialis , levitra

(2) Hair loss - propecia

(3) Recovery from smoking - chantix , zyban

(4) Flu prevention - Tamiflu

(5) Weight loss - Xenical

(6) Sexual health - Aldara , condolox , Denavir , Acyclovir , Famvir , Valtrex

(7) Allergies - Allegra , Clarinex , Zyrtec , Flonase , Nasonex , Nasacort , Patanol

(8) Skin care - vaniqa , Retin - A , Renova Metro Gel

(9) Digestion - Nexium , Prevacid

(10)Sensual lubricant - Stimula for men , stimula for women


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Laptop Batteries

Battery of laptop is an greatest head ache for the laptop users. Its said that while manufacting the laptop batteries itself faults occurs.

Who is responsible for these faults ?

The corporate heads

But the corporate heads didnot feel it necessary to stand up and explain the reasons behind
the manufacturing flaw.They have been spending approximately $250 million replacing them for their customers.

Now we can see what is THERMAL RUNAWAY?

What really caused the sony LI-ION batteris to heat and go up in flames.

The Li-ion,with its high power,fast recharge times,and steady voltage,is the best battery the consumer electronics industry has today.By the new technology is on , but nothing related to this battery issue is achieved so far.Every one should realise that battery is an important support for the procees for the lifespan of the laptop.

Monday, July 21, 2008


World is going in a high class technological manner. It is said that the houses which having the LCD TV is high class houses.So every one prefer LCD television.I do no what the eye will get by looking to that TV.If am suppose to have a money and have an opportunity to buy that TV i wont buy it.



Last week in a market i had seen one TV.
37-inch sharp LC-37AF3M form their latest Aquos range.The weight of this TV is of 26kg (stand included)
With two component connectors , an s-video in,an AV-out and even an HDMI.

Cost is of RS 1,39,900,the sharp Aquos is costly for a 37-inch display. And i got a good news from the shop keep that the price is going to be reduced in a month.

Specifications of that television are as fellows:

(1) 37-inch LCD
(2) co-axial,2Component
(3) s-video
(4) HDMI
(5) output terminals
(6) 3.5 mm audio jack
(7) 26kg weight

Saturday, July 19, 2008


My prayer to thee my lord
Save our earth rotten by pollution
Rarely we get rain
It's time for preservation
Freeing our world from from smoke
People lack education
Creating a world beautiful

We need organization

Let me get your co-operation

To bid farewell to pollution

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Device

Who is ready not to take a device which can do 18 works at a same time? No one is ready is a right answer. Here is a device which can do 18 types of works like printing , fax , etc. The manufactures are too happy the work on the project of making this beautiful device. The 18 ink jet multi - functional devices are ranged with photo - quality printers. Whats special in this device is: (1) Print quality (2) Time taken to print (3) Ink consumption This printer is useful for office purpose mostly.It reduces the time and energy of the work people.This MFD is truly multinational.Good print quality is essential for everyone so those who need good print quality can use this kind of devices. The scores from features , performance , price were given category - relevant importance. Just 10 sec for the first print is going to keep a lot of office people happy.

Saturday, July 12, 2008




What is spy ware?

It is an executable program kept on your computer. When someone monitors your action or takes your personal information and reports without your knowledge to a third person means you will feel like kicking them.Everyone feels the same.The same operation is done by the spy ware.Spy ware programs working principle is collect information from a user’s computer,that also the personal information,such as a name or an email address,and send it to their host server.

Are you ready to kick this spy ware?

We shall know how these spy ware spread ...
Different ways as follows,

(1) Surfing on Internet is the famous pass time for all people.By knocking the doors of certain website will lead to spy ware.

(2) Everyone knows that KNOWN IS A DROP... UNKNOWN IS AN users always prefer the ocean.So users give permission like they dive into an ocean while doing some some downloads/applications.

(3) Pop - up is the greatest headache for all the people.when they are frustrated and
clicks on the confusing pop-up they are under trouble.

spy ware works like this : When popping up all over their desktops, users are said to be said to known there is a spy ware on their system.computers will be working slower than usual.

How to remove these Spy ware?


Long back spy ware removal tools are targeted to individual consumers, not to organizations,
and centrally managed solution are not provided.This means that, to implement this solution, IT staff would have to update desktops individually.Many of these spy ware removal tools not offering the centralized reporting,reliability that would enable IT users easily detect spy ware, establish and put deals across all desktops and laptops.This generation spy ware removal tools may have centralized administration, but still risky and sometimes a debilitating proposition.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bye Bye Oldie

Day By Day Week Ends...
Week By Week Month Ends...
Month By Month Year Ends...
Never Ends....

Single to dual core processors has broken a certain barrier. now we are looking for multi core world. don't look back.
Intel's theory of multi-core processor evolution
Dual core,
Kilo core,
Mega core,
Giga core.

Intel people says that integrating the memory controller directly into the chip would improve performance with some workloads.It is said that when multi-core processors are touching
the world there will be certain applications which will be developed regarding those processors.
There is an rapid development in the inventions of the processors.When processors are coming
now and then we should update the processor now and then.So, technology never stands in one
stand it creating a new new era for the people welfare. Of course many can thing that if many technologies are coming to the world then they must also upgrade so, for upgrade process itself full life will be going on then when can we operate the system.

What exactly the computer of 2020 look like? multi-core silicon chips will be used in those computers or will silicon replaced by some thing else?

We live in an exponential age.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


What is the best job we can do in the future if we have to be long lived in India ?
The answer is ANIMATION.

Now a days the animation courses are getting fulled in all institutions.Then where to study these courses ? Ya there is a way to study these courses. That is by Academy which is operating only for this animation alone.
Where as we join in this academy we can get more knowledge because these academies concentrate on only animations . More input we put we will surely get more output. Many academies are started by having in mind the quality , the current industry need . So there wont be any loss of personal mind changing after joining these academies. The full fledged courses are organized to give full care for their students . Where is diploma courses are also been undertaken for the welfare of the students.

They process the things on their advertisements like :

(1) Assured quality training

(2)Unlimited lab hours
(3)Projectors based class rooms

(4)Industry experts as faculty

(5)company tie - ups for placements
(6)job for the students while doing the course

The courses offered are like :

(1)Diploma in Multimedia Which consists of graphics web 2D 3D animation and editing
(2)Advanced diploma in 3D animation with visual effects, modeling and special effects.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Employing Computers

WHEN THE PAGES OF MY LIFE WILL END , I KNOW THAT COMPUTERS WILL BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHAPTER. A decade ago the most vehement opposition to computerization came from people who believed that it would lead to unemployment. The hue and cry was based on the argument that computers would aggravate the unemployment situation by taking jobs from human beings.

It has been established that the computerization of an economy increases its efficiency and productivity while bringing about savings in cost.Funds are generated and additional employment is created.But the paradox of India is its millions of poor people lacking the basic means of survival even while the rest of the world recognizes the invaluable worth of its technological industry.

Computers are now extensively employed in private and government sectors like banks , hotels , airlines , media , multinational business houses.The Indian IT industry is aggressively pursuing Internet and e-commerce opportunities.Indian firms design multimedia content for Hollywood animation movies Technology parks have been set up in the metro cities because India is considered the top destination for software outsourcing.

India's tack record in the field of technology in now well known.There is a great demand for software professionals from India.At the same time there is a great deal of foreign investment in the technology sector.

More than 70,000 computer professionals graduate every year.The question no longer whether computers are here to stay, but how much they contribute to the development of a country.Calamities much as the droughts,flood and earthquakes are a remainder that these problems have to be addressed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DVD Player

DVD player is one of the most important entertainment for all people in the world. There are many companies coming forward to manufacturing DVD players. But only some companies are getting their mark with the people one among them is Philips. Last week i had heard about a DVD player from the Philips is arriving the market so then i started collecting information about it. Now we can see about the news of that DVD player.

Its named as Philips HTS3105.
Its cost of RS.14,999.
Performance is totally normal
Features are getting more high.
This DVD player is supporting multiple video and multiple audio. The sound experience is said to be the worlds high pitch DVD player sounds.

The specifications of this DVD player are as fellows:

(2)5.1 channel
(3)4X 75 W + centre 100W + sub woofer 100 W
(4)Inbuilt FM/AM radio