Monday, July 21, 2008


World is going in a high class technological manner. It is said that the houses which having the LCD TV is high class houses.So every one prefer LCD television.I do no what the eye will get by looking to that TV.If am suppose to have a money and have an opportunity to buy that TV i wont buy it.



Last week in a market i had seen one TV.
37-inch sharp LC-37AF3M form their latest Aquos range.The weight of this TV is of 26kg (stand included)
With two component connectors , an s-video in,an AV-out and even an HDMI.

Cost is of RS 1,39,900,the sharp Aquos is costly for a 37-inch display. And i got a good news from the shop keep that the price is going to be reduced in a month.

Specifications of that television are as fellows:

(1) 37-inch LCD
(2) co-axial,2Component
(3) s-video
(4) HDMI
(5) output terminals
(6) 3.5 mm audio jack
(7) 26kg weight

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