Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DVD Player

DVD player is one of the most important entertainment for all people in the world. There are many companies coming forward to manufacturing DVD players. But only some companies are getting their mark with the people one among them is Philips. Last week i had heard about a DVD player from the Philips is arriving the market so then i started collecting information about it. Now we can see about the news of that DVD player.

Its named as Philips HTS3105.
Its cost of RS.14,999.
Performance is totally normal
Features are getting more high.
This DVD player is supporting multiple video and multiple audio. The sound experience is said to be the worlds high pitch DVD player sounds.

The specifications of this DVD player are as fellows:

(2)5.1 channel
(3)4X 75 W + centre 100W + sub woofer 100 W
(4)Inbuilt FM/AM radio

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