Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bye Bye Oldie

Day By Day Week Ends...
Week By Week Month Ends...
Month By Month Year Ends...
Never Ends....

Single to dual core processors has broken a certain barrier. now we are looking for multi core world. don't look back.
Intel's theory of multi-core processor evolution
Dual core,
Kilo core,
Mega core,
Giga core.

Intel people says that integrating the memory controller directly into the chip would improve performance with some workloads.It is said that when multi-core processors are touching
the world there will be certain applications which will be developed regarding those processors.
There is an rapid development in the inventions of the processors.When processors are coming
now and then we should update the processor now and then.So, technology never stands in one
stand it creating a new new era for the people welfare. Of course many can thing that if many technologies are coming to the world then they must also upgrade so, for upgrade process itself full life will be going on then when can we operate the system.

What exactly the computer of 2020 look like? multi-core silicon chips will be used in those computers or will silicon replaced by some thing else?

We live in an exponential age.

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