Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Graphics Card

Which industry in producing PC hardware grows fastest in the world? Its the Graphics Card industry. Since 2001 Pentium 4 CPU have been used and only by now we have been replaced b the core 2 duo series. There is a quick change in the graphics processing unit. I got the reason for this fast turnover. Its because of the game developers. Because the game players are always going for the best 3D games. The most demanding application is the game applications. The card based on the graphics processors represent the high flyer's. And the fact is that the graphics card is also more expensive. The architecture of these cards is very complected and designed with the knowledge of playing all 3D games. There are many types of graphics card available.For a low end card he graphics design is not formed in a full automotive manner. Where as in the high end card the graphics is in the high state with more settings.

Different brand in graphics card are :

(1) Asus

(2) Forsa

(3) Gainward

(4) Gigabyte
(5) MSI
(6) Zebronics

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