Thursday, July 3, 2008

Employing Computers

WHEN THE PAGES OF MY LIFE WILL END , I KNOW THAT COMPUTERS WILL BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHAPTER. A decade ago the most vehement opposition to computerization came from people who believed that it would lead to unemployment. The hue and cry was based on the argument that computers would aggravate the unemployment situation by taking jobs from human beings.

It has been established that the computerization of an economy increases its efficiency and productivity while bringing about savings in cost.Funds are generated and additional employment is created.But the paradox of India is its millions of poor people lacking the basic means of survival even while the rest of the world recognizes the invaluable worth of its technological industry.

Computers are now extensively employed in private and government sectors like banks , hotels , airlines , media , multinational business houses.The Indian IT industry is aggressively pursuing Internet and e-commerce opportunities.Indian firms design multimedia content for Hollywood animation movies Technology parks have been set up in the metro cities because India is considered the top destination for software outsourcing.

India's tack record in the field of technology in now well known.There is a great demand for software professionals from India.At the same time there is a great deal of foreign investment in the technology sector.

More than 70,000 computer professionals graduate every year.The question no longer whether computers are here to stay, but how much they contribute to the development of a country.Calamities much as the droughts,flood and earthquakes are a remainder that these problems have to be addressed.

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