Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Laptop Batteries

Battery of laptop is an greatest head ache for the laptop users. Its said that while manufacting the laptop batteries itself faults occurs.

Who is responsible for these faults ?

The corporate heads

But the corporate heads didnot feel it necessary to stand up and explain the reasons behind
the manufacturing flaw.They have been spending approximately $250 million replacing them for their customers.

Now we can see what is THERMAL RUNAWAY?

What really caused the sony LI-ION batteris to heat and go up in flames.

The Li-ion,with its high power,fast recharge times,and steady voltage,is the best battery the consumer electronics industry has today.By the new technology is on , but nothing related to this battery issue is achieved so far.Every one should realise that battery is an important support for the procees for the lifespan of the laptop.

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