Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hard Drives

Many hard drives are coming into the market. I was searching for the specifications of hard drives i got more information about the brands.

Some of them are here for you to view :

(1)Western Digital 6GB passport pocket Hard drive
(2)Lacie Design by F.A.porsche 40GB
(3)Seagate Push button backup 160GB

(1)Western Digital 6GB Passport Pocket Hard Drive is having of 6GB , 5400 rpm and its weight is of 278 gm.This drive has a USB connector that can swivel 180 degrees for easy processing.

(2)Lacie Design by F.A.Porsche 40 GB is having the specifications of 40 GB , 5400 rpm , and its weight is 180 gm. When your USB port is incapable of providing adequate power to the drive this the separate power connector is use full.

(3)Seagate Push button Backup 160GB is having the specification 160 GB , 7200 rpm and its
weight is 1.176 kg.The data backup is used in this drive and its very efficient of all drives.


nimzoindy said...

How much cache does Western Digital 6GB Passport Pocket have? Soo cute, would like to buy that.

Anonymous said...

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