Monday, June 30, 2008


So,excited about your shiny new 8 Mega pixel digital camera?

Here's one that makes it look pretty silly.

How many pixels do you need to satisfy your mind for bigger and clearer photos? 6,8,12.Please throw these numbers to the dustbin by a camera having 39 pixels. This is an extra ordinary camera.NASA is only using their photography solutions. After viewing this camera everyone are speechless. Do you know what is its image sensor size? It is in the double size of today's sensors.Today's sensors are having about 35mm size. The mega pixel numbers itself is the great intelligent of this camera. Mega data can be used inside the camera for the correction of color effects. Its cost is $37,000 (approx RS.17 lakh) .

When i heard about this camera i taught of throwing my camera to the dustbin. In our lifetime everyone must have a chance to see this camera. Roughly you calculate the camera effects , the normal 10 mega pixel camera itself is a great zoom for us. Now think the zoom lens effect of 39 Mega pixel camera,its really fascinating. The perfect zoom , the perfection in all types of camera is presented in this camera.

I know you are all eager to know the name of this camera , its Hasselbland H2D - 39.
If anyone is having that much amount to buy this camera please inform me and buy. Because am interested in taking a snapshot over that came and by that camera.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Information Technology

What is the greatest weakness of India ?

Of course all says that India is the second largest country in the world. Population is the greatest weakness for India. But to be think hard for a little time population is the greatest power for India. It seems that India is wasting the strength that is its population.
It is said that a single person doing a job will take time and loss of energy for the company.So any work done by a group will be completed soon and profited well.

IT industry is asking for the group to do their work in proper manner.
Why not Indians cant do these work for those IT companies. Indians are capable of doing those things but they are not putting effort on it. Indians must study hard and work hard to keep their with stand with those companies.

Major cites like Bombay , Chennai , Bangalore , Delhi there is a rapid development in the growth of the IT industry. Why not that growth comes to all parts of India and why not all people can be employed in IT industry. Many companies should put their effort on placing their companies on many parts of India and get their profit by getting placed of Indians.

Am an IT graduate from India. So this post is by the voice of my inner heart and not only my feelings . It is the feeling of every IT graduates in my country.So IT companies must not this into account and come to India and make their profit as much they need from India. We will also be profit by you and vice versa.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stung By Hornets

Ah Fatt , the naughty boy , was out hunting birds with his catapult . He saw a bird sitting on a tree branch .

He took aim with his catapult and fired . The stone missed the bird but struck a hornet's nest that was just a bit
above the bird .

The force of the stone hitting the nest was very great . As a result the nest was dislodged from the branch .
It fell to the ground near where Ah Fatt was standing . The disturbed hornets began to attack him !

Ah Fatt ran for his life . He yelled in pain as he ran but yet the hornets chased and stung him .

There was a stream nearby. Quickly he jumped straight into it and submerged himself so that the hornets could
not get at him .

Then they flew away . Later , Ah Fatt emerged from the river . His body was aching from the stings he received .
He had learn his lesson. It is much better to listen to a bird singing that to try to kill it for fun .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Astrology And Horoscope

What is our life ?

Accordingly to the Hindu philosophy , this life is the continuation of the past life . All our good and bad experience we under go in this life is the result of our action of the past .

How action come ?

Before action comes . When we choose a though it becomes action. Repeated action becomes a habit. Habit becomes our character . Character leads to destiny .

So how we change our destiny?
Is it possible?
How can we know of what action in the past life lead us into difficulties of this life?


What is a HOROSCOPE ?

It is a detail of our culture and destiny which has to be carried over in this life due to the action of the past life . The great saints in the histories have developed these studies. It is not just a belief. It is absolutely a vedic science . Negative result of the past actions can be rectified b the positive action being done as remedy . It is a truth that by doing remedies some of the forthcoming difficulties can be over come, some can be minimized and certain things cannot be changed . Even though by doing remedies it will certainly give us the strength to face that difficulty.

Suppose if you have a wound , looking the wound and crying is not a remedy . Rather try to find a medicine to heal that wound . Same way there is nothing wrong by trying to change our bad destiny by doing remedies.Trust and effort is only needed . A good astrologer can surely guide you to find remedies to overcome difficulties.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Search Engines

Its really charming , good , pretty and feature packed MSN Live search. Why every one wants to use the live search ? Every one asks this question. Its simple and jovial thing that every one wants their search to be unique so they proceed to live search. When we search for any one of the name in the world we get similar people resembles the same name it helps us to have a friendship with them and move around the world. It's only a matter of time before all user experience comes under the live search. Industry experts as well as rest of us naturally see windows live search as Microsoft's latest against Google , yahoo and AOL. By the different search engine we get in the explorer we have we war between them.When the data is hard none of the search engines is giving the right answer. So they should think that they should do their work with full fledged that people must benefit of using their product. Its not easy to get the name from the people in good manner as Google , Microsoft etc developers of the search engine should make their part well and give their maximum cost of profit for the people.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hobbies are like leisure time activities.They are recreational in nature.They are done for pleasure.Reading,photography,gardening,
stamp collecting and coins collecting are some of the well known hobbies.
Hobbies have educational values.A person having gardening as his hobby,learns more about gardening.He learns new methods and becomes an expert in the art of gardening.
Gardening is a profitable hobby.We feel happy when the plants in our garden begin to yield fruits.The open air work keeps a man healthy.We can get money from the sale of vegetables,
flowers and fruits grown in our garden.
Hobbies widens our intellectual horizon.Stamp collection is another useful hobby from stamps,useful historical,geographical,scientific,and cultural information can be gained.
Thus hobbies are of great use to us.They give relaxation and pleasure.They develop manual skill and widens our out look.So everyone must have a hobby to keep himself in good spirits.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black Dusk

Ming Fatt was driving his car one rainy day.It was dusk and driving conditions were not good.As he drove past a kampung, visibility was very poor.He could hardly see anything in front even though his lights were on.

Suddenly a dark shape loomed ahead.He jammed on his brakes but it was too late.He knocked right into a buffalo that was standing in the middle of the road.

The next thing he knew was that the car on the side of the road.He got out and saw the front part badly damaged .He himself was unhurt.Near the car was the buffalo.It was dead.

He realised he was soaking wet.He returned to his car and tried to start it.He could not.Fortunately he could hitch a ride home.He thanked the driver for his kindness.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Burglar

The masked man climbed quickly through the open window into the house.He was obviously a burglar to no good .

Once inside the house he started prying open the drawers of a dressing table with his screwdriver.He was looking for valuable things to steal.

The burglar was so engrossed in his dirty work that he didn't notice the lady of the house coming into the room.
She was absolutely shocked by the presence of a man inside her room.She screamed in terror.

Her piercing screams gave the poor burglar such a fright that he hastily tried to get out via the window .
In his haste he missed his step and tumbled over the window.His head came down hard on the ground below the window and he was knocked senseless.

When he came to,he found a policeman standing over him.He was handcuffed and escorted toward a waiting
police car.All he got for his efforts were a bump on the head and trouble with the law.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Science And Technology

Which technology improves the potential for doing as much good from saving the lives, to improving our environment . Its NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY .

the energy is the first and most important application of nuclear technology.
Today world level the most important problem is of fuel. With advanced nuclear technologies we can produce more fuel than we can consume. No one is able to consume in this world. So we can just produce the fuel . RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCE is the nuclear energy.

In medicine : Cancer is the most important head ache for the doctors to be cured . It is said that by using this nuclear medicine we can just cure cancer too. The unpleasant surgeries are done by the doctors with the help of nuclear technologies.

In Food safety : We throw out so much spoiled food that if we were able to extend shelf life and get it to the people who are starving , we could eliminate the horror pictures that we routinely watch in the news. The death rate increases due to the starvation. This can be reduced if we could apply the atom's capabilities more broadly in the food industry.

Thus nuclear Technology put to Use will definitely make an change in the people day today life in an positive manner.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little Fish

There was once a little fish that lived in the sea . It was a smart little fish .

It knew about the dangers in the sea . A tasty worm at the end of fishing line did not fool it .

Also it knew how to avoid nets thrown at it . It would simply swim far away from the nets .

Big fishes could not catch it either . It knew how to hide itself inside the sea - weeds at the bottom
of the sea .

Though it was smart it was not smart enough to see all possible dangers . One day it saw what seemed to be a
delicious worm on the sea floor . There was no sign of any danger .

The worm , as it turned out to be , was the lure on the head of a huge angler - fish hiding in the sea .
When the little fish was near enough , it shot out and caught the little fish in its mighty jaws . Then
swallowed the little fish .

That was the end of the little fish .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our country lies in the tropics. As such we are blessed with a wealth of fruits. The varieties of fruits have is simply,i one word-abundant.
There are so many types of edible fruits here that it impossible to list all of them. Any how i prefer that it is impossible to all of them. Anyhow i prefer some fruits more than others. To be more correct, i like the taste of certain fruits to others.
On top of them all is the mango. This, to me, is the best fruit to eat. I can eat dozens of them without getting stomachache as some people do. We have three trees of different varieties in our garden and it is i who do most of the plucking of the fruits and of course the eating.
Next come the jack fruit, commonly known as Nanak. If is not as tasty as the mango but it has a sweet pungent flavour that i like.
Other fruits like papaya, pineapple, apple, orange,and so on are fruits i eat now and then,but they are not such a favourite as the first two. I can take them or leave them. How ever as for mango or jack fruit, i can hardly resist them whenever i see them. they are my favourite fruits....