Friday, June 20, 2008


Hobbies are like leisure time activities.They are recreational in nature.They are done for pleasure.Reading,photography,gardening,
stamp collecting and coins collecting are some of the well known hobbies.
Hobbies have educational values.A person having gardening as his hobby,learns more about gardening.He learns new methods and becomes an expert in the art of gardening.
Gardening is a profitable hobby.We feel happy when the plants in our garden begin to yield fruits.The open air work keeps a man healthy.We can get money from the sale of vegetables,
flowers and fruits grown in our garden.
Hobbies widens our intellectual horizon.Stamp collection is another useful hobby from stamps,useful historical,geographical,scientific,and cultural information can be gained.
Thus hobbies are of great use to us.They give relaxation and pleasure.They develop manual skill and widens our out look.So everyone must have a hobby to keep himself in good spirits.

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