Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our country lies in the tropics. As such we are blessed with a wealth of fruits. The varieties of fruits have is simply,i one word-abundant.
There are so many types of edible fruits here that it impossible to list all of them. Any how i prefer that it is impossible to all of them. Anyhow i prefer some fruits more than others. To be more correct, i like the taste of certain fruits to others.
On top of them all is the mango. This, to me, is the best fruit to eat. I can eat dozens of them without getting stomachache as some people do. We have three trees of different varieties in our garden and it is i who do most of the plucking of the fruits and of course the eating.
Next come the jack fruit, commonly known as Nanak. If is not as tasty as the mango but it has a sweet pungent flavour that i like.
Other fruits like papaya, pineapple, apple, orange,and so on are fruits i eat now and then,but they are not such a favourite as the first two. I can take them or leave them. How ever as for mango or jack fruit, i can hardly resist them whenever i see them. they are my favourite fruits....

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