Sunday, June 29, 2008

Information Technology

What is the greatest weakness of India ?

Of course all says that India is the second largest country in the world. Population is the greatest weakness for India. But to be think hard for a little time population is the greatest power for India. It seems that India is wasting the strength that is its population.
It is said that a single person doing a job will take time and loss of energy for the company.So any work done by a group will be completed soon and profited well.

IT industry is asking for the group to do their work in proper manner.
Why not Indians cant do these work for those IT companies. Indians are capable of doing those things but they are not putting effort on it. Indians must study hard and work hard to keep their with stand with those companies.

Major cites like Bombay , Chennai , Bangalore , Delhi there is a rapid development in the growth of the IT industry. Why not that growth comes to all parts of India and why not all people can be employed in IT industry. Many companies should put their effort on placing their companies on many parts of India and get their profit by getting placed of Indians.

Am an IT graduate from India. So this post is by the voice of my inner heart and not only my feelings . It is the feeling of every IT graduates in my country.So IT companies must not this into account and come to India and make their profit as much they need from India. We will also be profit by you and vice versa.

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