Monday, June 30, 2008


So,excited about your shiny new 8 Mega pixel digital camera?

Here's one that makes it look pretty silly.

How many pixels do you need to satisfy your mind for bigger and clearer photos? 6,8,12.Please throw these numbers to the dustbin by a camera having 39 pixels. This is an extra ordinary camera.NASA is only using their photography solutions. After viewing this camera everyone are speechless. Do you know what is its image sensor size? It is in the double size of today's sensors.Today's sensors are having about 35mm size. The mega pixel numbers itself is the great intelligent of this camera. Mega data can be used inside the camera for the correction of color effects. Its cost is $37,000 (approx RS.17 lakh) .

When i heard about this camera i taught of throwing my camera to the dustbin. In our lifetime everyone must have a chance to see this camera. Roughly you calculate the camera effects , the normal 10 mega pixel camera itself is a great zoom for us. Now think the zoom lens effect of 39 Mega pixel camera,its really fascinating. The perfect zoom , the perfection in all types of camera is presented in this camera.

I know you are all eager to know the name of this camera , its Hasselbland H2D - 39.
If anyone is having that much amount to buy this camera please inform me and buy. Because am interested in taking a snapshot over that came and by that camera.

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