Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Science And Technology

Which technology improves the potential for doing as much good from saving the lives, to improving our environment . Its NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY .

the energy is the first and most important application of nuclear technology.
Today world level the most important problem is of fuel. With advanced nuclear technologies we can produce more fuel than we can consume. No one is able to consume in this world. So we can just produce the fuel . RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCE is the nuclear energy.

In medicine : Cancer is the most important head ache for the doctors to be cured . It is said that by using this nuclear medicine we can just cure cancer too. The unpleasant surgeries are done by the doctors with the help of nuclear technologies.

In Food safety : We throw out so much spoiled food that if we were able to extend shelf life and get it to the people who are starving , we could eliminate the horror pictures that we routinely watch in the news. The death rate increases due to the starvation. This can be reduced if we could apply the atom's capabilities more broadly in the food industry.

Thus nuclear Technology put to Use will definitely make an change in the people day today life in an positive manner.

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