Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little Fish

There was once a little fish that lived in the sea . It was a smart little fish .

It knew about the dangers in the sea . A tasty worm at the end of fishing line did not fool it .

Also it knew how to avoid nets thrown at it . It would simply swim far away from the nets .

Big fishes could not catch it either . It knew how to hide itself inside the sea - weeds at the bottom
of the sea .

Though it was smart it was not smart enough to see all possible dangers . One day it saw what seemed to be a
delicious worm on the sea floor . There was no sign of any danger .

The worm , as it turned out to be , was the lure on the head of a huge angler - fish hiding in the sea .
When the little fish was near enough , it shot out and caught the little fish in its mighty jaws . Then
swallowed the little fish .

That was the end of the little fish .

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