Friday, June 13, 2008

The Burglar

The masked man climbed quickly through the open window into the house.He was obviously a burglar to no good .

Once inside the house he started prying open the drawers of a dressing table with his screwdriver.He was looking for valuable things to steal.

The burglar was so engrossed in his dirty work that he didn't notice the lady of the house coming into the room.
She was absolutely shocked by the presence of a man inside her room.She screamed in terror.

Her piercing screams gave the poor burglar such a fright that he hastily tried to get out via the window .
In his haste he missed his step and tumbled over the window.His head came down hard on the ground below the window and he was knocked senseless.

When he came to,he found a policeman standing over him.He was handcuffed and escorted toward a waiting
police car.All he got for his efforts were a bump on the head and trouble with the law.

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