Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stung By Hornets

Ah Fatt , the naughty boy , was out hunting birds with his catapult . He saw a bird sitting on a tree branch .

He took aim with his catapult and fired . The stone missed the bird but struck a hornet's nest that was just a bit
above the bird .

The force of the stone hitting the nest was very great . As a result the nest was dislodged from the branch .
It fell to the ground near where Ah Fatt was standing . The disturbed hornets began to attack him !

Ah Fatt ran for his life . He yelled in pain as he ran but yet the hornets chased and stung him .

There was a stream nearby. Quickly he jumped straight into it and submerged himself so that the hornets could
not get at him .

Then they flew away . Later , Ah Fatt emerged from the river . His body was aching from the stings he received .
He had learn his lesson. It is much better to listen to a bird singing that to try to kill it for fun .

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