Thursday, June 26, 2008

Astrology And Horoscope

What is our life ?

Accordingly to the Hindu philosophy , this life is the continuation of the past life . All our good and bad experience we under go in this life is the result of our action of the past .

How action come ?

Before action comes . When we choose a though it becomes action. Repeated action becomes a habit. Habit becomes our character . Character leads to destiny .

So how we change our destiny?
Is it possible?
How can we know of what action in the past life lead us into difficulties of this life?


What is a HOROSCOPE ?

It is a detail of our culture and destiny which has to be carried over in this life due to the action of the past life . The great saints in the histories have developed these studies. It is not just a belief. It is absolutely a vedic science . Negative result of the past actions can be rectified b the positive action being done as remedy . It is a truth that by doing remedies some of the forthcoming difficulties can be over come, some can be minimized and certain things cannot be changed . Even though by doing remedies it will certainly give us the strength to face that difficulty.

Suppose if you have a wound , looking the wound and crying is not a remedy . Rather try to find a medicine to heal that wound . Same way there is nothing wrong by trying to change our bad destiny by doing remedies.Trust and effort is only needed . A good astrologer can surely guide you to find remedies to overcome difficulties.

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