Sunday, July 6, 2008


What is the best job we can do in the future if we have to be long lived in India ?
The answer is ANIMATION.

Now a days the animation courses are getting fulled in all institutions.Then where to study these courses ? Ya there is a way to study these courses. That is by Academy which is operating only for this animation alone.
Where as we join in this academy we can get more knowledge because these academies concentrate on only animations . More input we put we will surely get more output. Many academies are started by having in mind the quality , the current industry need . So there wont be any loss of personal mind changing after joining these academies. The full fledged courses are organized to give full care for their students . Where is diploma courses are also been undertaken for the welfare of the students.

They process the things on their advertisements like :

(1) Assured quality training

(2)Unlimited lab hours
(3)Projectors based class rooms

(4)Industry experts as faculty

(5)company tie - ups for placements
(6)job for the students while doing the course

The courses offered are like :

(1)Diploma in Multimedia Which consists of graphics web 2D 3D animation and editing
(2)Advanced diploma in 3D animation with visual effects, modeling and special effects.


Seamedu said...

Hey friends animation sector is booming in India. Institute like Seamedu is providing aniamtion courses for those who have interest in sketching and are creative.
Seamedu is located in pune, for more information log on to

Eshan said...

Hello friends Seamedu is an animation institute, I' ve visited this institute personally and found that they have good infrastructure and learning facilities. The computers
and the softwares are also latest one's.
The fees are also less compared to other institutes, I was on a look out for a good aniamtion institiute and I found Seamedu toping the list in pune.
For more details you can log on to their website