Friday, August 8, 2008


I live in a modern estate. My family and i occupy one of the many single-storey terrace houses here. Thus we have neighbours all around us.
They are neighbours from various races. I have had the opportunity of foisting some of the neighbours and i see that they are different in many aspects. They have different religions, customs, beliefs, food, music, likes and dislikes,cloths and so on. However,they have one thing common, that is, they just want to live their own way as best as they can.
Generally, we got along reasonably well. However, in living their own way, some neighbours tend to cause disturbance and inconvenience to others. for example, some play their music Tod loud, one or two keep fierce fogs that bite people or some of them simply park their cars and cause obstruction to others, These are the inconsiderate neighbours.
on the other hand there are neighbours who bring things to eat during festivals. Some people help others in time of need and some just drop by to chat a bit and be friendly.
Neighbours are here to stay whether they are food or bad to us. We have to live and let live..........

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