Friday, August 15, 2008


Abu walks to school every morning .

On one particular morning as he was on his way to school , he suddenly saw Ah Lee Tailor sop on fire .

As it was still early he could see no one else around . there seemed to be no one inside the burning
shop either .

Quickly Abu ran to a telephone booth nearby and dialled for the fire brigade . He briefly told them the
location of the burning shop .

Soon a fire - engine arrived with its siren wailing . It stopped in front of the shop and firemen quickly
went about their task of putting out the fire .

The fire had burnt part of the shop's first floor and it was left black and charred .

After seeing that there was no more danger the firemen left .

Ah Lee , the owner of the tailor shop was glad that Abu saw the fire and informed the fire brigade .
He shooked Ali's hand and expressed his thanks .


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